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Mission Spiritus
Former marines Alan Chambers and Dave Thomas have arrived at the South Pole after 58-days on the ice. Up against mixed weather, days of zero visibility, soft snow, and -40 degree headwinds, Alan and Dave clocked up to 28km/day on a sledge full of Firepot meals, bolstered with extra veg from our Dorset kitchen. They have been collecting important snow samples for Columbus University to research how airborne nanoplastics are affecting the remotest parts of our planet. Dave turned 68 last month, making him the oldest person to ski across Antarctica, unsupported.

World-first base jump from Mt Kenya
This year, base jumper Marc Lambert spent Christmas 4,900m up Nelion Peak, the second highest peak on Mount Kenya. Taking 21 Firepot meals with them, Marc's climbing partner squirrel-suited down, while he made the first ever base-jump from the top. Marc was one of the first people to approach us for support back in 2017, with an exciting calendar of fund-raising and pro-environmental challenges, which took him from Scotland to Costa Rica.

Caving in Northern Peru

Prof. Peter Talling is recently returned from a successful trip to Northern Peru, fuelled by Firepot. He was there to explore the deep cave systems on a high plateau - an area with world class potential and record depths.

Image credit: Mike Futrell

North West Passage Expedition

Leven Brown and his crew have set off from Baffin Island to row 2,500 miles through the North-West Passage in a single season: the last great 'first' in ocean rowing. An expedition steeped in history, they have with them a descendent of Sir John Franklin and have recently taken shelter at Fort Ross, an old trading outpost visited by explorers of the past. Read more about the expedition here.

Finding Connection in the Highlands: The St Columba Way
Fareways is a mental health project which focuses on wellbeing by undertaking journeys on foot and horse-back. This summer, in collaboration with The British Pilgrimage Trust and The Big Hoof, over 40 participants from 8-69 years old travelled the St Columba’s Way on foot, by bike, or on horseback from St Andrews in Scotland to Iona. They kept a stash of Firepot meals with them for the nights they were wild camping. They were interviewed by the BBC.

Run Pyrenees
In his latest solo adventure, British endurance runner, Jamie Ramsay, has been following the 'Haute Route' along the crest of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Coast. While most people hiking the route complete it in 44 days, Jamie aims to finish in 18, meaning 40km days. No stranger to ultra-events, more challenging for Jamie will be the 42,000m in vertical ascent - 4.5x the height of Everest. He has chosen 24 Firepot meals to get him to the top of each peak.

Wild West Adventure
Ten veterans crossed the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado in July as part of the Invictus Games Foundation's ‘Wild West Adventure’. Their route took them up a 4,000m summit in the Rocky Mountains and across the tallest sand dune in North America. They carried all their kit, including extra-large Firepot meals, for seven days.

1000 miles on a paddleboard
Straight off the river from the mighty Yukon1000 race are stand-up paddleboarders Martin Rendle and Kim Foster. Forming one of just two teams from the UK to compete in this canoe race, which runs through the Canadian Arctic Circle and finishes in Alaska through some extremely remote territory, the two of them completed their course in 9 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes. They were interviewed by SUP FM about their race prep before they set off.

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