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Ocean Rowing


When Kiko Matthews became the fastest woman to row the Atlantic back in 2017, she became one of the first ocean rowing boats to use Firepot to fuel her sucess. At that point, we only had seven recipes. Now, in our seventh year of business, our menu has grown to 18 meals... and counting. In 2024, we've helped more ocean rowing cohorts with their nutrition than we can count, including world record-holder Leven Brown's attempt to row the infamous North-West Passage. 


Running a kitchen in the south-west of England means we are lucky to have suppliers and producers on our doorstep. With their help, we make expedition meals for ocean rowers taking on the Atlantic, the Pacific, and British waters every year. We cook with fresh ingredients, which rowers crave in their diets at sea. Because we do everything by hand, our team of Dorset chefs can cater for specific dietary requirements. And our experience of working with ocean rowing teams - from first-timers through to professionals - means we can offer plenty of advice. 


I have used pretty much every expedition food provider and you stand out with quality, taste and ease. Seeing the care you take with the manufacturing and ingredient sourcing I understand why you have such a great product.

Ian Couch 
Head Safety Officer, Atlantic Campaigns



To get in touch with us about food for your row, drop us a line on jim@firepotfood.com01308911009