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Wild Night Out

Anna McNuff on wild eats and wild camping

This year, Anna McNuff was described by Condé Nast Traveller as ‘one of the 50 most influential travellers in the world’. In April she returned from a six-month bike trip through the Andes — the largest mountain range in the world. During the 5,500-mile trip she ascended over 100,000 metres — more than 11 times the height of Everest. She’s also biked through every state of America, run the length of New Zealand and run the 95-mile Jurassic Coast near Firepot HQ, dressed as a dinosaur.

Her current mission is to get as many people as possible out wild camping on July 1st, for Britain’s Wild Night Out. This is a movement encouraging everyone to venture outside after research revealed that one in nine children in England have not been to a natural environment in the past 12 months. To inspire people to get involved, Anna will be writing regular blog posts offering tips on surviving in the wilderness, with her first story on the five things you need to take wild camping. Read it here, and register your Wild Night Out for July 1st here.

This is Anna on her best and worst wild eats:

Best: "Fresh ceviche in Valparaiso, Chile. Oh my gosh I could eat that stuff by the bucketload. And a Pisco sour on the side. In Argentina I had a beef steak slow-cooked in milk for three hours — it was melt in the mouth, washed down with some Malbec. Also, I love the crap diner coffee that you get in most truck stops in America. $1 for a refillable mug. And you cannot beat a stack of pancakes the size of your head, with a jug of maple syrup on the side."

Worst: "When I was biking route 50 across the desert in Nevada, I ate a lot of deep fried, processed food. The worst was the burger covered in a spray-can of orange cheese. I got very excited when I found an apple in a shop in the middle of the desert."